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Security breach For Android – APK Download

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The security breach in FNAF: Five Nights at Freddy’s series falls into the genre of popular horror games. In this game you have to help survive the main character – boy Gregory, locked in the pizzeria at night.

Security breach For Android

New terrifying dangers and all kinds of followers will regularly appear in the young player’s way. Roxanne the Wolf and Vanessa and Montgomery the Alligator in order not to fall prey to the pursuers, including Glamrock Chica and other villains.

By using surveillance cameras, you can move your character to a safe area. To distract your opponents on the fly, you can use various items and equipment. For example, shattering toys or paint cans will be effective in this. In addition, secluded places help to avoid danger.

Application Information

is a fan-made first-person horror-thriller game set in a pizzeria. Can play as a stranded little boy. You need to be alone in the pizzeria to avoid the toys. To win you have to survive from 12:00 to 6:00.


FNAF: Security Breach is a bright and exciting horror genre game that lets the gamer test the feeling of fear and enjoy the adrenaline rush. It differs from its analogues in a unique plot, new characters and changed gameplay. The gameplay resembles a “sandbox” because of the freedom of choice and action.

Terrible ancient monsters in the game, along with an atmosphere of despair, a terrible aura of fear has to be faced in this game. The main character is Gregory, a young man who works as a guard at a rest park. Their job is to guard the territory at night as well as prevent the entry of strangers. At the same time, it is essential to stay alive without losing consciousness. In the guard’s arsenal are several surveillance cameras, a bright lamp and a switch that de-energizes the park’s lights.

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